From the recording The Grifters Caravan

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It started out as a little ditty, most of it recorded here at home. I took it to Montana where Clay Green gave it rhythm and John Sanders gave it low end gravitas. Brought it back home and gave it to Dominic Armstrong, ( Dominic put it all together, superbly. We then shipped it off to Ronan Chris Murphy, ( who performed some mastering magic and that's how The Grifters Caravan came to be. I will be forever grateful to these talented musicians and engineers. From the bottom, middle, and top of my heart - Thank you!


The Grifters Caravan
Regret the night that you approached me
Selfie Stick in your hand
Pretending to be someone other
Than what you actually am
You loaded up your questions
And started tossing out social hand grenades
You just scavenging for fodder
To feed the trolls on your cesspool page
Yea Mo Fo you’re a grifter
A conman a liar and a thief
That shallow swamp you roll around in
Is the only place you find relief
Social media judges
God knows you got to be fed
And now you have a platform
To spew what's in your head
Lied all your life lied everyday just don't lie to me
Look how far we've fallen look how far we've gotten lost out to sea
The democrats they really hurt you
You had to walk away
Now you peddle in garbage
And believe the grift that you say
The feeble minded like you
The kind of fool that can only fan a flame
You’ve found the perfect alliance
An orange Clown and his side kick whitey vain
Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet