It must be evolution. How could a masterpiece like "Elephant Country" be bettered?  John Andre Herrmann, the man that haunted our thoughts and lifted our spirits with "Sun Rose" and "Marrach Rong" will soon give flight to his new work.  With twisted electric guitar riffs and melodies that were buried inside us all, the yet untitled album is sure to be an eye popper. And by pop, I mean it.  John has stepped it up in his already brilliant production to get a sound fit for Top 40 and made for mainstream.  I call it Intelligent, Progressive Acoustic Rock, you can call it amazing.  If this album is any indication of where Indie music is headed, we can all rest assured that intelligent music will once again be at the fingertips of the masses.  Brand new thick and juicy tracks from dark and dirty, to rich and creamy...every track has a taste of its own.  Response from live performances of his latest sound has been overwhelming...Songs like "Wake Up" and "It Might, It May" strike a chord in elephant heads, while the more agile elephants rock out to "I Don't Know".  "Adelaide" and "Still" are screaming for radio play and time will tell if our elephant ears will have the pleasure.  Relax your big feet and dip your tusks into this...The Train is back on track and the elephants have lift-off.  Sit tight, the new songs are touching down on a planet near you soon. In the meantime, feast your ears on the brand new single form John Andre Herrmann and Company – “The Grifters Caravan”